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Our Vision
Our Vision
Empowering transformation, We envision a future where every organization achieves unparalleled operational excellence and efficiency, driven by innovative, data-centric process transformation.
Our Collaboration
Our Collaboration
Our strategic partnership is a cornerstone for groundbreaking business process transformation. Combining Ennuviz's years of implementation experience in SAP Signavio and SAP Business Technology Platform with domain expertise, we enable organizations to undertake comprehensive and end-to-end Process Transformation. This collaboration is marked by a shared commitment to innovation and delivering bespoke transformation strategies. Together, we set a new standard for achieving operational excellence across industries.
Our Relationship
Our Relationship
Since our inception in 2019, Ennuviz has led the charge in business process innovation, collaborating closely with Signavio to offer unmatched insights and breakthroughs in process transformation. As an Silver Partner, we are authorized solution provider and reseller for SAP Signavio, Ennuviz integrates its unparalleled accelerators, custom features, deliver accelerators and assets with Signavio's sophisticated process mining and modeling capabilities, facilitating comprehensive process transformation. Our partnership has continually raised the bar for operational efficiency, harnessing the power of best practices and plug-and-play apps, integrators to drive success across industries
Our Team
Our Team
Ennuviz stands out for its exceptional talent in Business Process Intelligence, utilizing a fungible model that emphasizes adaptability and versatility. This approach allows for the strategic allocation of our highly skilled professionals to various projects, ensuring efficient use of resources. Our team, certified in SAP Signavio and trained in BTP at an advanced level, offers holistic end-to-end process transformation services. These services span process intelligence, modeling, insights, and intelligent automation, fostering innovation within our clients' ecosystems.

Our Competency

Process Intelligence

Process intelligence combines mining and modeling to identify inefficiencies and drive improvements. It leverages SAP's extensive experience and integrates with automation platforms for end-to-end enhancement, ensuring data-driven decisions across any organization.

Process Insights

Access real-time insights into SAP processes for quick issue identification and performance benchmarking. Foster collaboration with intuitive sharing, drill down to specific issues, share key metrics for collaborative improvement, and receive actionable recommendations.

Process Manager

Enhance process transparency for operational clarity and stakeholder alignment. Achieve process excellence by refining performance, reducing costs, and boosting efficiency. Ensure compliance through standardized documentation. Foster business agility by adapting processes for sustainable growth.

Journey Modeler

Design and refine customer journeys together, drawing on diverse departmental insights. Connect process data with customer feedback through SAP Signavio and other analytics platforms. Streamline journey mapping and process complexity analysis, leveraging a central repository for persona and touchpoint management.

Process Governance

Enhance efficiency with automated process release cycles, defining roles for process, risk, and quality management. Standardize assessments using BPMN, centralize risk control, and configure approval workflows in SAP Signavio for seamless governance and improved operational decision-making.

SAP Build Process Automation

Empower citizen developers with no-code workflow management and RPA. Its intuitive interface builds or adapts processes, creates forms-based workflows, and manages decision logic. RPA automates tasks, and machine learning enables intelligent actions. Prebuilt bots, process steps, and business rules accelerate the transformation into a unified launchpad for efficient work.

Process Collaboration Hub

Leverage process collaboration to align all processes, educate personnel, and gain a 360-degree view of content and metrics. Access all SAP Signavio solutions from one location. Collect feedback and provide comments in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub and Process Manager. Stay updated on changes, provide insights, and receive notifications for feedback invitations


Accelerate technology transformation with streamlined prioritization and comprehensive alignment. Optimize IT spending, address redundancies, and ensure data quality. Discover, analyze, design, implement, and operate your architecture efficiently. Leverage LeanIX Business AI for automation and insights. Collaborate with stakeholders, track progress, and drive continuous improvement.

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Finance Audit & Compliance

Enhance compliance, financial control, and risk management for various industries. It ensures SOP adherence, flags transactional deviations, detects unauthorized approvals and duplicate invoices, and optimizes invoice processing for better cash flow.

Incident Management

Harness data-driven actionable insight to streamline incident management, minimizing rework, reassigns, and SLA breaches, improving service quality and customer experience, and reducing costs ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance Remediation

Boost SLA compliance and reduce material rejections by optimizing Master Data Management processes in the supply chain domain, optimizing process and data, and ensuring seamless workflow to improve overall performance and productivity.

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