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Unlock Your business potential with Process Intelligence

Maximize efficiency with Ennuviz's expertise in Celonis Process Intelligence. Leverage AI and data for insightful analysis and enhancement, unlocking hidden business value and optimizing performance.

Our Collaboration
Our Vision
Partnering with Celonis on a transformative path, we commit to enhancing operational excellence and revealing the untapped potential of your organization. By merging our process intelligence solution, domain specialization with Celonis's advanced analytics, our goal is to elevate efficiency, drive innovation, and navigate toward a redefined future.
Our Collaboration
Ennuviz collaborates with Celonis, merging expertise and process mining technology to transform businesses. Our alliance offers tools for process analysis, enhancement, and monitoring, empowering data standardization and AI-driven decisions. Committed to promoting operational excellence and continuous improvement, we aim for lasting business success.
Our Collaboration
Our Relationship
Ennuviz has been at the forefront of business process innovation, working hand in hand with Celonis to deliver exceptional process transformation insights and developments. As an accredited solution provider and reseller of Celonis, Ennuviz blends its unmatched expertise, accelerators, and custom solutions with Celonis' advanced process mining and modeling technologies to enable significant process enhancements. This collaboration continuously sets new standards in operational efficiency, leveraging the synergy of best practices, process mining applications, and integrators to foster success across various sectors.

Our Competency

Process Intelligence

Unlock business potential with Celonis Process Intelligence. Connect processes, teams & tech. Analyze, improve, and monitor with Process Intelligence Graph. Standardize data and add AI for holistic insights. Visualize, customize, and automate processes. Drive bottom-line value. Monitor progress, ensure adherence and report value.

Process Analysis

Process Explorer illuminates real-time processes, identifying value opportunities. Celonis Studio crafts bespoke dashboards with patented algorithms. Business Miner facilitates quick insights, while Process Copilot utilizes AI for in-depth analysis. Process Simulation optimizes processes with what-if analyses, ensuring informed decisions.

Process Improvement

Action Flows automate tasks based on Celonis intelligence, enhancing efficiency. Pre-built apps accelerate value delivery with ready-to-use solutions. Process Designer and Navigator facilitate process modeling and governance, ensuring seamless transitions and informed decision-making.


Ready-to-use process mining applications and connectors tailored for the Celonis platform by effortless API integration. These cutting-edge tools offer profound insights into operational efficiencies, driving business transformation and ensuring a comprehensive approach to process optimization and innovation.

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Finance Audit & Compliance

Enhance compliance, financial control, and risk management for various industries. It ensures SOP adherence, flags transactional deviations, detects unauthorized approvals and duplicate invoices, and optimizes invoice processing for better cash flow.

Incident Management

Harness data-driven actionable insight to streamline incident management, minimizing rework, reassigns, and SLA breaches, improving service quality and customer experience, and reducing costs ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance Remediation

Boost SLA compliance and reduce material rejections by optimizing Master Data Management processes in the supply chain domain, optimizing process and data, and ensuring seamless workflow to improve overall performance and productivity.


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