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Automate Manufacturing for Operational Excellence

Automate manufacturing operations for exceeding productivity.

Operations in manufacturing, such as order management and production, can be automated through our hyperautomation solutions. Process intelligence reduces costs and boosts your operational efficiency.

Key Challenges

The manufacturing industry contends with significant challenges, including machine downtime impacting revenue and a lack of process clarity leading to resource wastage. Managing warehouses to optimize space necessitates experienced labor. Key issues also involve inventory shrinkage, underutilized warehouse space, hiring difficulties for manufacturing executives, profit losses due to disruptions, and a general lack of full supply chain visibility, all of which underline the sector's complexities and operational hurdles.

Unplanned Downtime Costs
Inventory Shrinkage Yearly
Unused Warehouse Space
Hiring Challenges
Disruption Impact Profit Margin
Full Visibility of Supply Chain

Manufacturing Operations

Supply Chain

Automating supply chain processes like procurement and order processing, reduces the TAT.

Accounts Payable

Manufacturers can optimize the throughput time in the accounts payable process with touchless processing.

Invoice Processing

Inefficiencies in invoice processing are identified with process identification and automated with hyperautomation solutions.

Billing Processes

Automating bill issuance can reduce errors and time, making it easy for manufacturers.

Predictive Maintenance

Hyperautomation predicts equipment failure and prevents downtime with proactive maintenance using existing data from sensors and other sources.

Quality Control

Automating quality control processes to improve the accuracy and consistency of inspections and reduce the risk of defects.

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Finance Audit & Compliance

Enhance compliance, financial control, and risk management for various industries. It ensures SOP adherence, flags transactional deviations, detects unauthorized approvals and duplicate invoices, and optimizes invoice processing for better cash flow.

Incident Management

Harness data-driven actionable insight to streamline incident management, minimizing rework, reassigns, and SLA breaches, improving service quality and customer experience, and reducing costs ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance Remediation

Boost SLA compliance and reduce material rejections by optimizing Master Data Management processes in the supply chain domain, optimizing process and data, and ensuring seamless workflow to improve overall performance and productivity.

Business Outcomes

Implementing Business Process Intelligence combined with Intelligent Automation and AI enhances efficiency, streamlines operations, and drives significant cost savings, leading to improved business outcomes.

Reduce Unplanned Downline By
Inventory Carrying Cost By
Increase Space Utilization By
Lower Lab Cost By
Increase Supply Chain Process Visibility By
Reduce Supply Chain Disruption By

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